Trained as an Electrical Eng in the 1960's. Attended Canterbury Tech. Entered the electronic security industry with Alarms systems and CCTV. At the age of 20 I became more interested in Ham Radio after discovering Radio Hams testing out a home made valve short wave RX using 954 acorn valves. I became G8LLU. 4 years later took the CW exam and obtained G4GJA. I became a CW operator as it was more challenging. I use to enjoy NFD events via the Brats radio club. Over the years i became a member of the GQRP club, member number 576 as I enjoyed construction. Cw was dropped for a few years due to closing down station for a QTH move to Wales UK as gw4gja. This did a lot of damage to my cw ability , Today my cw is poor after retraining myself for the last 18 months. My speed is bad and very erratic, yet I learnt the code and passed in 6 months and became a 40 wpm OP,lucky to do 20 now. I never get a response to a cw cq call, where years ago it was effortless. SO my main interests now in PSK and RTTY modes. use to run a creed 444 and 7B many years ago, with a home made ST5 terminal unit. Certainly a lot easier to get RTTY on air now, but glad I went through that Mechanical period as one learnt the basics of the baudot code and how telex is generated. This site is still new to me and should be updated by myself more frequently. I wrote a web site many years ago during the dial up modem days, learnt how to write HTML code. I closed it down when I moved to Wales.


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Welcome to my Blog gw4gja in Merthyr Tydfil South wales Uk.

My Qsl Card designed by myself recently due to increased activity. Had not bothered with qsl cards for some years, but now I am retired, I have more time. Very pleasing to receive cards direct from individuals.  

My main interest now is digital communications and construction of equipment with a bit of CW thrown in. Unfortunately my Cw activity dropped off for some years and now having to practice the code to get back to where I was 12 years ago. 30 wpm on NFD was no problem, but lucky to do 15 wpm now. Its taking time, been at it for 3 months and still not mastered it fully. Find it difficult to even get a cw qso where CQ calls on ssb and data modes no problem.

Have recently retired in 2011 at 64.  Ex electrical  and security  Engineer and glad to be out of it. But I do miss the buzz of the security electronics world, I miss my work colleagues the meetings and social gatherings.  But we can now enjoy Amateur radio fully.  I moved to wales from England with my wife back in 2005 and not regretted it.  Took on some temporary work to tie me over and now enjoying a new way of life.